Pike Admin PRO - Professional framework build on Boostrap 4

Pike Admin - Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

Best admin & front-end theme framework.

Pike Admin PRO is a Bootstrap 4 framework containing admin area and front-end template that saves developers for over 50 hours of work.

Save 50 hours of development for $10 only

99% of web developers need a dynamic admin theme (PHP). We understand how frustrating and time consuming it can be to transform static HTML theme into a dynamic version (PHP).
With our PRO version you can save over 50 hours of development that include:
- separate the common code into single files to include in all pages. In the static version (HTML), over 50% of the code is common code (header, footer, sidebar). When you need to add or edit even a single line of code in this area, you must edit all template files (over 50 pages). This can be very frustrating and time consuming. In Pike Admin PRO we separate header, footer and sidebar into separate php files to be included in all template files. So, when you need to make any changes to theme, you just edit a single php file.
- In Pike Admin PRO we integrate the template with MySQL database (add content, categories, sliders, website settings...)
- Every admin theme needs a login area where admins or regular users must login or register or perform additional tasks (forgot password...). This feature can take a lot of hours to implement in a regular static template. In Pike Admin PRO we integrate a powerful Login Management.

Pike Admin PRO Main Features

Pike Pro - Users and Login Management

Registration / Login / Users Management

We build a complete framework to manage your users: user registration (you can enable / disable in admin area), email verification, forgot password, reset password, user login.

In admin area you can manage users (add / edit user details) or add new user.

Pike Admin - Front-End

Front-End Template based on Bootstrap 4

Save dozens of hours for developing your own theme! We make a simple, clean and optimised front-end theme based on Bootstrap 4 framework to help you starting a new project. SEO is very important for us so we optimised all pages for best experience for visitors and search engines.

Important! Content loaded in front-end template will get the real data from MySQL database, data which you added in admin area (categories, articles, images...)

Pike Pro - CMS

CMS Framework

With this feature, you can start a blog / articles website in just a few minutes.

We implement a CMS (Content Management System) to help developers and save dozens of hours of developing.

You can add articles, categories, pages in admin area. Don't forget that we implement a front-end template that wil display this content.

Pike Admin - Contact messages management

Contact Messages Management

Every website needs a contact page to interract with the visitors. We implement a powerful contact page with a contact form. Contact messages are managed in admin area. Alslo you can send a reply to message author directly in amin area.

Pike Pro - Settings

Website Settings

Front-end template can be managed directly in admin area.

Settings available: site title, SEO settings, homepage content (WYSIWYG editor), footer content, analytics code, facebook / twitter page, Google Maps API key (if you want to display a map in contact page), email settings (very important when you enable users registration or contact messages reply), registration settings, upload logo and more...

Pike Pro - Slider Carousel

Slider Carousel

In front-end homepage template we implement a slider carousel. Slides can be managed in admin area (add slide image, title, description, redirect url...)

Demo and Buy

Limited time offer: $10 for Pike Admin PRO

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FAQ for PRO Edition

Pike Admin PRO contain all features described in this page. You will get the software EXACTLY like you see in our demo, along with Front-End-Template.

1. To use our products you must register an account.

2. You can buy by PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, you can buy using Skrill, Money Gram or Western Union services (contact us).

3 After payment you will have access to download the script. If you pay by PayPal, you will have instant access right after your payment.

Software requirements:

- PHP 5.3+ with pdo extension enabled (it is default enabled)
- MySQL database
- Apache web server with ModRewrite (for htaccess support)
- Script require a domain name (or subdomain) to be installed.

How to install:

Note that you will get a complete documentation how to install, use and customize the product. Instructions are available in "documentation" folder inside the software archive.

Software contain 3 folders: "admin" (administration area), "documentation" (help files with complete documentation about how to use the product) and "frontend-template" (it is not require to use this template if you want to use your own template)

STEP 1: Unzip and copy script files and folders on the server (using an FTP program).

STEP 2: Make writable (chmod 777) folder "uploads" folder and all subfolders ("avatars", "images", "large", "small", "temp")

STEP 3: Create a database and a user for that database (eg. in cPanel -> MySQL Databases)

STEP 4: Import tables file (/admin/install/tables.sql). Steps to import a file: - go to phpMyAdmin (or another database management script) - select your database - click on "Import" button - choose file to upload (located in /admin/install/tables.sql) - upload (import) file

STEP 5: Edit the file "config.php" located in "admin" folder and add database connect details and url where you uploaded the "admin" folder.

STEP 6: Login in admin area. Default admin connection details are: demo@pikephp.com (as email) and 123456 (as password). You can change this details in admin area (my profile).

STEP 7 (optional): If you want to use our default front-end template, you can upload files inside "frontend-template" to your server. Don't forget to upload .htacess file (located in root of "frontend-template"folder). Also you need to edit settings in config.php file located in "frontend-templae" folder too.

That is all. If you have any question, please contact us.

Updates are changes made to the product that improves certain existing feature or/and fix bugs or errors. Updates are available for a free download to anyone who has ordered a major upgrade from the same release. This means that if your purchased version is 2.1.x you will receive all future versions (Eg. 2.2, 2.3...) for free.

Upgrade is a subsequent version (2.0, 3.0, etc.) identified as a new release and includes major changes to the product and may contain new features or changes to the interface or structure. To receive and use an Upgrade, you must pay price of the upgraded product but all customers who bought a previous version of the product will get a 50% discount.

Copyright and License for PRO Edition

Copyright © 2019 Pike Web Development.
Pike Admin PRO Edition require to buy a license for each domain where you want to install it.
Permissions for pro edition:
  • you can use for personal or comercial use
  • you can make modifications to the code
  • you can include it in your free or paid projects for your use or for your clients
  • you can remove visible copyright links
  • Limitations for pro edition:
  • you must buy a license for every domain where you want to install the software. A domain license allow to install multiple instances of the software on any part of your domain (root, subdomains or subfolders)/
  • you can NOT sell, resell or distribute (free or paid) the software or any part of the software.